Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why Paper Over Shoes?

Paper in all its incarnations may very well be my favorite thing.  Whether it be a college ruled notebook or a pad of scrapbook paper, there’s something about paper that draws me like the proverbial moth to flame.  I love setting a colorful gel pen to a clean sheet of paper when I journal.  I love the patterns on scrapbooking paper.   I love playing with paper—drawing, painting, cutting, gluing.  There’s just something about creating a card or tag from pieces of paper, especially when it turns out just right.  Whatever that “something” is, it keeps me coming back for more.

My love of all things paper is a sort of running gag among my friends and family…and one day my husband summed it up perfectly.   “Honey,” he said, “some women buy shoes.  You buy paper.”   Yup.  That’s about right. 
Paper Over Shoes.

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