Saturday, November 10, 2012

Take me out to the ball game....

It is common knowledge among friends that both my husband and son are avid readers.  They sign up for the local library's summer reading program every year, and it is always a safe bet that they will exceed the set goals.  This voracious love for books really paid off during the summer of 2010.  Both of my boys read so much that they each earned a pair of tickets to a Tigers game at Comerica Park.  We took my dad along as our fourth person, and we had a blast!  Of course, we were accosted by the camera carriers and a fairly awesome picture was captured.  It took me a while to get online and actually order prints, but I finally did that this year.  I decided that it would make a great Christmas gift for my dad if I were to scrap the picture and frame the page....and I finally did it.  I feel pretty safe posting this here now because my dad has no love for computers...but if anyone out there knows my dad, please don't mention this to him! You have my thanks!

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